Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Family at Last!

We'll start with some pictures, since those are in such high demand:

First meeting Daddy

Mommy is so much Fun

So Happy with Mommy

Proud Daddy leaving ISRC

Snack time at the hotel - so cute!

We'll post more details as we can..but wanted to get some pictures out.


Lynda said...

Tami and Cliff,

Raina is soooo adorable! I love her smile. It is wonderful to see you guys with your little sweetie in your arms!
Thanks for sharing the pics!

Lynda, James
Javin, Isaac, Olivia, and Sananda

Jill said...

Oh my....crying tears of joy for you all!!! She is so precious! Isn't it an amazing feeling to finally have her in your arms? Congratulations!!!!!

Jill C.

drinklife said...

YEAH!!!! We are soooooo happy! Cannot wait for Annabelle and Raina to play together.

What a journey you guys are on. We are very proud of both of you.

love you guys and hugs and kisses to Raina!

Amanda said...

She is sooo adorable. I'm so glad to see the pictures and can't wait to hear the story. Forever family day is the greatest feeling.

Amy said...

Yay!! .. and might I say, thanks for posting something as I've visited your blog ~100x today. :))))
She is gorgeous! Congrats mom and dad!!!

Kristi said...

You are a BEAUTIFUL family. I love seeing you together and so smiley!!! Congratulations, all the waiting is OVER!!!! Raina is absolutely delicious. :)

Kristi (Daya's Mama)

Leveta said...

Tami and Cliff:
What a gorgeous girlie!! i am so happy for you all! I visited your post a millon times today too waiting for pictures (o:
So neat to see that she is doing so well her Mommy and Daddy.

Steph said...

Tami and Cliff,

She's absolutely gorgeous and you all look so good together as a family! :) Congratulations!

Ben, Stephenie, Cheyenne and Carson

blee said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I'm so so so so happy for you guys!!

Grace said...

Amen!!!! God is soooooooo good!!!
Tami... you're glowing. It is truly a once in a lifetime feeling isn't it... people can tell you, but you can't really comprehend it until you've lived it.
She is all yours now! Enjoy!

Love and Prayers,
Shane,Grace and Jadyn

Wendy said...

Tami & Cliff,

Riana is so cute!! Congrads on finally having your daughter in your arms.

Wendy, Owen, Emily & Melody

Pam said...

Tami & Cliff,
I was trying so hard not to be a stalker and click on your blog a million times a day.....oh well. That didn't work out too well. Hee-hee. :o)
*sniff* She is so beautiful, and you all look so happy! Tami, you've helped all of us on our journey to parenthood. Thank you for allowing us a glimpse into your own journey. It makes us all so excited.
Congratulations Momma & Daddy!
Pam, Joel, & Micah

The Labontes said...

You are truly gorgeous together. Thank you for sharing, Tami.

Enjoy your little one.
(Rup's Mom)

Sheri said...

Raina is just to cute! What a smile!
The 3 of you look soooo happy!
It is so nice to see the 3 of you together!
Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Wow she is the happiest little girl! She looks like an absolute sweetie. Enjoy your first few days as a family. Melissa K

Peter and Melissa said...

Oh my goodness - those photos are amazing! It certainly capures the moment perfectly. She is gorgeous and you all look so happy.

Congratulations on becoming a forever family!

uncle_mike said...

What a beautiful, happy little girl!!! You guys look amazing together. I'm so happy for all three of you. Welcome to the family Raina...can't wait to meet you. Thanks so much for the great pics.


Nadra said...

Oh my goodness...what a beautiful baby. She looks so happy and so do you guys. Congratulations!!! God is so good!!!

Enjoy your time as a new family!!!

Love & Hugs....
Nadra, Charlie & Ian

Sara said...

Tami and Cliff,

We are SO happy for your guys!! Congratulations! Love her big smile!

Sara and Kyle

Elaine said...

Tami & Cliff,
She is so beautiful! I am so happy for all three of you! She is safe and happy in mommy and daddy's arms.

Alice said...

Tami and Cliff,
I supposed you have many people on this side of the world clicking on this site several times a day. Raina is beautiful and it is such a blessing to see her in YOUR arms. Congratulations to you.

Julie & Patrick said...

My goodness...a smile so big it makes her eyes disappear! Wow cute is that? You all look so incredibly happy together. Thanks for sharing how it is done! :)

Julie R
Devi's (Bhargabi) mom

notbadbutgood said...

Holy wow! She is so gorgeous! These pictures are amazing...we are SO happy for you!

Katherine said...

So happy to see beautiful Raina in her Mommy and Daddy's arms!!

stephmistry said...

Cliff and Tami,

We are so excited about your new status of FAMILY. Raina is a beautiful girl and she is very blessed to have you both as parents. We are so anxious to meet you AS a family and hopefully we can do that when we go back to TEXAS from Montana about the middle of September.

We soooo enjoy the pictures. They help us feel like we know Raina a little bit more...and we already love her all the way!!

Mom (Softa)

Raina Ronalika

Raina Ronalika