Thursday, August 9, 2007

Having Lots of Fun

Well, our day at ISRC yesterday was amazing. We first got pictures and video of all the other kiddos and then, at long last, it was time to meet Raina. Wow, she was even more beautiful than we ever imagined from her pictures!! To walk out of that building an instantaneous family (the process was far from instant, but you know...) is a feeling I don't think I could ever describe. The cab ride home is another thing hard to describe. We actually lucked out because there was a strike and no taxis or autorickshaws were on the roads. Traffic was much nicer than normal, but a nice day in Kolkata traffic is still pretty exciting. Before we had Raina, I saw it as invigorating, but it doesn't seem quite so fun now. I think I already understand why parents are always saying "Be Careful" - I guess it didn't take long to learn that lesson! :-)

We've basically spent the last day and a half here in the hotel room with Raina - playing, getting to know her, working on her phonological awareness and print motivation :-) and it's just been incredible. She is such a happy, laid back baby. There are still lots of changes and adjustments to come for all of us, but things are going better than we could have asked for so far. Here's a glimpse of our genius baby doing a little walking:


J. Pennell said...

Tami, This is Joy from NC (adopting Rupankar hopefully soon!). I found your blog through some of the other Dillon families and hope you don't mind. If you're comfortable with it, will you "allow" us to see your video of Raina? It's okay if not. We're so excited for your family, and Raina is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!!!!

drinklife said...

I cannot get the video to play.

Nadra said...

OK guys...I so want to see your genius baby...but I can't get the video to play. Hopefully it's just user error on my part.

Johns said...

Congratulations Tami and Cliff! Raina IS beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures and the experience. We're so sorry that we'll miss you but hope to see you in the future. Have a wonderful time in India with your BEAUTIFUL Indian princess!


Cliff and Tami said...

Sorry folks, we changed a setting on YouTube, so hopefully the video will work now. Let us know if it does or doesn't work.

Sheri said...

I was able to see the video this morning. It brought back so many memories of our first days with Maya in the hotel room and her taking her first steps! These babies are so adorable and smart!!

Raina Ronalika

Raina Ronalika