Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Our Final Post

Yes, by "we'll post soon" we meant within a week. :-) So, we've been home almost two weeks and life is crazier than ever. Those of you who gave a knowing chuckle before we left and said, "boy your life is going to change" could have been a little more specific. Details like "you are going to be tired for the rest of your life" and "you will hence forth be known as the guy with little stains on his shirt" would have been nice to know in advance, along with "your daughter is going to be the cutest little girl ever in the whole world" and "when she looks into your eyes and smiles it will melt your heart." All of those things are what make this whole experience so amazing, and I guess I just had to experience them for myself.

We have all been doing a lot of adjusting over the past couple weeks here at home, and we're all making good progress. This week Raina is finally getting on track with a good eating and sleeping schedule which is making all of us happier. We have even seen good signs that some day in the not too distant future Tami and I might get a full night's sleep. That will be amazing... So, now for some pictures:

Raina slept almost the whole way home from London - thank you bassinet inventor man!

Once home, Raina quickly fell in love with toilet paper.

Enjoying her favorite meal - green stuff with butter. Yum!

"See, I told you I have a tooth up there!"

She's already into Extreme Sports - such as reverse car surfing!

So cute in one of the many amazing gifts we've received. Thanks for all the awesome stuff!

We made it out of the house - to the park - Raina is having a great time.

We wanted to share some final pictures and thank everyone who has been a part of our journey to bring Raina home and into our lives. Thanks for all the fun comments. It was really nice to have that connection to home while we were traveling and so far away. This will be our last post to our "travel" blog as we have now finished traveling (for a long, long time), so farewell and thanks again!


Grace said...

You guys look great! So glad you are home and getting settled in so well. What a miracle little Raina is! Isn't the whole process the most heart wrenching, wonderful, glorius, amazing, over whelming, experience?!? Sorry...I'm getting carried away, but really...isn't it?! Anyway, so happy for you. Enjoy each new day...they pass so quickly.

Shane, Grace &Jadyn

Pam said...

Congratulations and thank you so much for allowing all of us to follow your journey to India and back. Raina is beautiful!
Welcome to the newest members of the "we don't sleep anymore" club!
Enjoy her every minute, I know you will. I'm already looking at Micah and wondering where our little peanut went.
Joel, Pam, & Micah

Sheri said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey home with Raina with us! I am so happy you are home and settling in. Raina is beautiful!
Enjoy each moment with your precious Raina!

Melissa said...

Glad you made it home, you will feel like a brand new person in a couple of weeks, jet lag plus new baby is tough. Raina looks so fun, Anela also enjoys eating TP and trying to fall off of motorized toys, hmmm. So glad you are together now as a family. take care and hope you get some sleep soon, Melissa K

mamma_on_the_move said...

everyone says the time passes so quickly... but it's hard to believe HOW fast till you see it for yourself. I swear somedays I can see Annabelle grow and change right before my eyes. Raina is incredibly beautiful. Give her massively huge hugs from Josh and I. We love her soooooo much!!!!

Chana, Josh, and Annabelle

Peter and Melissa said...

Tami and Cliff:

Thanks so much for sharing your journey it was such a joy to watch you become a family of 3! Enjoy EVERY minute, it absolutely flys by (that's another one of those things that people tell you without specifics!!).

Raina is such a cutie and you all look great even with lack of sleep!

Peter, Melissa, Alysha and Jaya

To India, With Love, said...

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! Reading your blog bought back some wonderful memories of our time in India earlier this year.

Best wishes,

Renee said...

What an adorable girl Raina is! Craig and I are sooo happy for you! Welcome to the world of parenting. You three look so happy.

Thanks for the picture in the mail and for visiting my blog (I promise to post more recent photos and videos of Alisa soon).

Yes, it would be so fun to see our girls play together...and that's certainly a possibility someday since we usually make it to Colorado every year (we drive through Denver to get to Breckenridge).

Raina Ronalika

Raina Ronalika